Deibel Bioscience can provide all of your nutritional labeling needs. 
Labeling Requirements:
Deibel Bioscience can test for ash, fat (mojo or acid hydrolysis), protein (kjeldahl), fat (GC), cholesterol (GC), sugar profile (HPLC), sodium (ICP), calcium (ICP), iron (ICP), potassium (ICP), Fiber, and Vitamin D to provide you with a complete profile.
Nutritional Facts Labeling:
  • Proximate testing (ash, fat, moisture, and protein) are done in duplicate to ensure we are providing the most accurate results possible
  • Calories and carbohydrates are calculated using FDA guidelines.
  • Add on other vitamins or minerals such as magnesium or zinc
  • Cannabis edibles sold in Oregon and California require nutritional facts like calories, carbohydrates and sugar content. Deibel Laboratories also offers additional testing to detect specific nutrients not required in a standard label. 
Package Report:
  • Once testing is completed, you will receive the results report and a label based on FDA rounding rules using your specified serving sizes and amount of servings per container. 
 Whether you’d like to back up your label claim, or investigate whether your product is rich in any specific nutrients, Deibel Laboratories is committed to providing accurate, reliable results.  


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