The following Deibel Lab locations are an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratory under A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation)



Deibel Bioscience is an ISO 17025:2017 compliant testing laboratory. In our continual goal of high quality customer service and competency of test results, the Deibel Bioscience Santa Cruz, CA location is the first site to be ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited through A2LA.

Our Quality Management System contains both administrative (management) and technical guidelines and requirements that govern day to day operations, to produce accurate, reliable and valid test results in compliance with ISO 17025:2017.

Our ability to execute accurate, reliable and valid test results derived from the use of Validated methods are demonstrated throughout Deibel Bioscience with participation in both internal competency and external proficiency testing. In addition, all employees participate in the Deibel Bioscience Training and Continuing Education Programs.

The Quality Assurance Unit, Management and the President of Deibel Bioscience work together consistently to provide a high quality of customer service and reliable test results to our clients, while maintaining regulatory compliance to ISO 17025:2017.

Furthermore, Deibel Bioscience continually strives to improve the effectiveness of its management system from all sources such as customer feedback, internal and external audit results, market research and analysis, data and service trends, corrective and preventive actions and management reviews, in the goal of maintaining ISO 17025:2017 compliancy.