The FDA requires nutritional labeling for most prepared foods. To ensure your label is accurate, Deibel Laboratories offers a full panel of analytical tests to verify each and every value required for your label. These tests are offered in a bundled package that also includes a nutritional label template. You can edit and resize your template to fit any label shape or size.

Deibel Laboratories also offers additional testing to detect specific nutrients not required in a standard label. Whether you’d like to back up your label claim, or investigate whether your product is rich in any specific nutrients, Deibel Laboratories will source the testing you need to provide accurate, reliable results.

A key change made to nutritional label requirements that went into effect in July 2018 is the addition of “Added Sugars.” This proposal requires the declaration of the total amount of sugar added to the food during production, including ingredients such as honey, high fructose corn syrup, or pure table sugar. Our lab can help you determine exactly how much sugar is considered “added sugar” in your product, and what this means for your % daily value on your label.


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