Cannabis HACCP 

Dr. Deibel was one of the industry scientists who helped develop HACCP. The first ever HACCP consulting team was formed by Dr. Deibel and his first PhD student, Dr. Bill Sperber. They taught the first ever HACCP Short courses. Deibel Bioscience is proud of Dr. Deibel’s contributions to food safety. It was under his tutelage that we were able to develop a strong group of HACCP experts and can aid our clients with their HACCP programs as well as teach HACCP Short Courses.


Deibel Bioscience HACCP Classes:

The HACCP training program is designed to meet the FDA’s and USDA's training requirements. This course is also accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. A certificate will be given to the trainees after the completion of each course. The training program will be taught by our on-staff HACCP Certified Lead Instructors. This seminar meets the Educational Requirements of 9 CFR417 (USDA Products) and 21 CFR 123 (FDA Products).

Current HACCP Classes offered by Deibel Bioscience

  • HACCP Overview
  • Certified HACCP Class
  • Advanced HACCP

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Micro 101

Understanding the microorganisms that threaten Cannabis is fundamental to manufacturing safe and wholesome Cannabis products.  Microorganisms are everywhere but how can they be controlled in a Cannabis production facility? 

This course will cover the basics of cannabis safety microbiology and arm you with the information you need to avoid microbial contamination and produce safe cannabis products. The course offers a “Lab/Lecture format”, with interactive discussions and lectures, as well as first-hand experience in performing common FDA BAM detection assays. 



G-Sanitation Management ensures that you always evaluate the frequency of sanitation tasks and not rely on “how it’s always done” and put your studies to examination to validate sanitation tasks that are actually effective and appropriate. It helps you to schedule how to clean an area and attach documents with the instructions. It also takes training into consideration, where training records are created . With our software your sanitation scheduling sheets are automated . Everything from daily, weekly, monthly and up to annual tasks are tracked from scheduling to completion providing the documentation you need. Corrective action work order allows you to create and document events an problems that are unscheduled task that come up during the production day. Once the item has been marked clean , one can easily perform an inspection and see the quality and degree of work done. We understand that sanitation is not limited to paper work, it includes documentation of scheduled tasks, employee training, self-audit or inspection, and corrective actions. And that’s why we think we are the best fit for your needs, and are capable of preparing you to meet highest standards in sanitation and quality control. 

  •   Keep up to date with you sanitation needs and inspection scores will rise.
  •   Easy downtime calculations. And better batch/continuous process scheduling.
  •   Tasks scheduling, managing repetitive tasks, and assigning tasks with a highly interactive dashboard.
  •   Detailed instructions for cleaning and management of Emergency tasks.
  •   Create reminders for a due task and develop reports.
  •   Ensure ongoing compliance of your facility. G-Sanitation is completely customized to align with your organizational goals and objectives.
  •   Track daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks from scheduling to completion providing the documentation you need.
  •   Our industry knowledge and experience help establish the compliance parameters that will govern your procedures, and choice of materials and tools.


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