Deibel Bioscience is excited to announce our partnership with Confident Cannabis, the #1 Cannabis Laboratory Information Management System in North America, designed specifically for supporting cannabis testing. Through your Confident Cannabis account, you can place orders directly with Deibel Bioscience, as well as view, download, and share your results. As soon as Deibel completes your tests, Confident Cannabis will send you emails or SMS text messages with the lab results and Certificates of Analysis. You can also choose to receive emails when orders are created or received by the lab. Register for a free Confident Cannabis at If you already have an account, log in and place an order for your next Deibel Bioscience lab test.

Confident Cannabis is bringing transparency to legal cannabis through technology. It is the biggest real-time database of legal cannabis in the world and offers free software to cannabis testing labs. By using the database and testing, producers will be able to communicate their quality and sell more at a higher price. Confident Cannabis enables retailers to rate their supply to make better purchasing decisions and helps consumers understand product ingredients so they can buy with confidence.



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