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The Deibel Difference

Deibel Laboratories began in 1967 in Wisconsin and was one of the first contract food testing labs in the United States. We now have 12 food testing labs across North America.  We have 3 additional testing laboratories specifically for the cannabis and medicinal plants industry – Deibel Bioscience Laboratories. Deibel Bioscience has laboratories in Santa Cruz, CA, Lincolnwood, IL, and Hood River, OR.  

Applying our 60 years of regulatory experience in food safety testing to the medicinal plants industry, we deliver customized solutions and exceptional technical services. You can count on Deibel Bioscience to identify the chemistry unique to your cannabis or other medicinal plants, validate the potency and safety, and assure compliance with all state requirements quickly and accurately. Our food safety foundation makes us the natural choice for infused product manufacturers.

Your personalized experience starts with a dedicated team of technical sales managers and scientists working with you to understand your specific concerns, timeframes and needs. We develop a testing plan to achieve your expectations. We offer personalized pickups, market-leading turnaround times, competitive pricing and access to our online customer portal. You will be able to order tests, track progress, obtain results all from a single dashboard. Our size offers economies of scale that are reflected in our pricing, but our family history drives our culture - we treat our clients like family. Our clients have immediate access to our lab management, executive team and technical consulting team just by calling, texting or emailing them directly.


Deibel Bioscience Accreditations

Deibel Bioscience of California is ISO 17025:2017 accredited and licensed with the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

SCC Accreditation


Deibel Bioscience of Illinois is ISO 17025:2017 accredited and licensed with the State of Illinois.

LIC Chemo Accreditation

LIC Micro Accreditation


Deibel Bioscience of Oregon is accredited with the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP) Cannabis testing under ORS 475B.550 to 475B.590.



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