Welcome to Deibel Bioscience

The Deibel Difference

Deibel Laboratories began in the early 1960’s in Wisconsin and was one of the first contract food testing labs in the United States. We have since grown to 15 strategically-located labs across North America and are proud to announce our latest testing laboratories specifically for the medicinal plants industry, Deibel Bioscience. Deibel Bioscience has laboratories in Santa Cruz, CA, Lincolnwood, IL, with Hood River, OR opening in July of 2021.  

Any lab should be able to offer accurate testing at a fair price with reasonable turnaround time. Applying our 60 years of regulatory experience in food safety testing to the cannabis industry, customized service and exceptional Technical Services set Deibel Bioscience apart from the competition. We work with clients from R&D through compliance samples. If there is ever an issue with your results, you are not on your own. You can count on Deibel Bioscience to work with you every step of the way until there is a solution. 

We are a family owned and operated corporation. Our size offers economies of scale that are reflected in our service and pricing - we treat our clients like family. Our clients have direct access to our Lab Management, Executive Leadership and Technical Services just by calling, texting or emailing them directly. You will never be sent to a call center when you work with Deibel Bioscience.

Our History

Deibel Laboratories was founded by Dr. Robert Deibel, one of America’s foremost experts in Food Safety, in the early 1960’s. He is one of the founding fathers of HACCP, developed the first ever “rapid” microbiological test for Salmonella, has published over 67 scientific papers and has served as a legal expert in many court cases. To carry on that legacy and passion for customer service, Dr. Deibel’s son, Charles Deibel, was named President of Deibel Labs in 2005 and purchased all the Laboratories in 2019. Charles, a food microbiologist by training, is a food safety expert in his own right, having testified in numerous legal cases as an expert witness, including congressional testimony. Charles is also a HACCP expert and Lead Instructor and brings that deep regulatory and food safety expertise to serve our Bioscience clients.

Deibel Bioscience Accreditations

Deibel Bioscience companies are ISO 17025:2017 Accredited or ORLAP and are currently adding cannabis testing methods to the Scopes of Accreditation. We are also licensed through the CA Bureau of Cannabis Control in our Santa Cruz, Ca Lab and with the State of Illinois for our Lincolnwood lab.  Click here to view our accreditation.